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Beach Buggy Launch

           Beach Buggy is a game that launched on our vehicles just under a month of starting my internship. My role in this production was as the actress, though through being in the video, I was able to see the creative process and learn more about Tesla’s style and tone, which is often leaning towards humor. We did a pre-shoot with an iPhone just to see what shots we wanted and then went at it two days later. This video helped launch a new push for the Tesla Arcade.

Project Created : June 11, 2019

Project Ended : June 18 2019

V3 Supercharger Opening

Las Vegas, NV

            A very quick turnaround for this trip, added some excitement to the project. My responsibilities with this project was GoPro timelapses and photography. We spent Saturday night and all of Sunday filming and photographing the site. A time-lapse of mine is in final video and my photography was used by press to talk about the site. This trip allowed me to grow closer with my coworkers, see how the final photo editing is done, and watch a larger project go from the ground up in just a week.

Project Created: July 10, 2019

Project Ended: July 18, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 8.06.15 AM.png

Chess Launch

            We came up with this idea while in our team meeting and went to shoot that day. I had on a western looking shirt and so I got to have my second professional acting role. Through this shoot, I again was able to be a part of the creative process and use some of the camera equipment. 

Project Created : July 19, 2019

Project Ended : July 26, 2019

Social Media

           With social media being one of the best ways to get our content out, the marketing team and the social team were very tied together. As new products came out,we supplied video and photos, or when social had an idea of there own, we would help execute. Below are some of the posts I had the chance to create:

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