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Church Series

       I chose to document four different types of protestant churches to attend: Graystone Presbyterian, Victory Assembly of God, The Gathering (Non-Denominational: Pentecostal), and Amplify (Non-Denominational: seeker sensitive). I wanted to document the ways that the services were alike and also different. Some of the differing aspects included: bell choirs, children staying and not staying during services, dancing and miming, fainting, flashing lights, and falling over. Similarities at all the churches included: singing, praying, and reading the Bible. Through the differences, they all have the same core.

R/V Sikuliaq - Bering Sea, AK

       October of 2018, I had the amazing chance to board the R/V Sikuliaq with 11 other students. We lived on board this ship for 7 days. I interviewed the crew members and students to hear their stories of what brought them into the science field. There were lessons and experiments each day with the scientists on board. I overcame three days of seasickness, but once I was used to the stormy sea, I could move more about the ship.  Enjoy the journey that was taken from start to finish. 


      Child documentary inspired by Sally Mann documentary style.

Events on Campus

During college, I worked with our school paper and photographed many events with my campus ministry. These are some of the photos from documenting the campus.