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Given the task to design a homecoming T-shirt, I chose to display some of the main sights in Indiana, PA that would be familiar to all of the students. I wanted it to be central and not just a straight line, so the circle format worked. I used Illustrator to accomplish this piece.

Two of my friends came to me asking if I would design a logo for their podcast. Their theme is "Faith, family, and football, in that order". I chose the silhouettes to show how with a podcast you don't actually see who is speaking, but I wanted their personality in the mix. The football and the cross laces show the topics.

Tickets for my church's annual dance. 

Upon creating a snap chat filter for the church, I had used this outline of the building.

Flyers and media posts for a campaign to get students interested in book study. I photographed and added the graphics to the photos.

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