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Brisbane, Australia Recruitment Video

The Topcon office in Brisbane needed a recruitment video produced to help bring workers into their building. While the video team would have loved to be sent to Australia for a week, Brisbane wanted to keep the budget low. For this project, the workers in the office sent us videos of interviews and B-roll using their iPhone. They also choose the music that they liked and the overall message they hoped to convey. I was given all of these materials and told to create a video and tell a story to promote this office. 

Upon producing this video after each feedback, I made adjustments until the final video was finally produced exactly how the office wanted it. They loved the final product.

Project Created : June 7, 2018

Project Ended : July 18, 2018

Production Video and Photos

The Livermore, CA plant has a manufacturing building to make some of the products; however, there is no footage of this production, so I was in charge collecting footage and creating a video promoting the area. I created an inspiration sheet, shot two days of B-roll and one day of directing interviews, scripted the voiceover and chose the talent to perform it, and edited the video. Some footage used was what the company already had. That footage being of the construction and farm equipment. Previous to the footage, we took several tours of the production area to learn what they do and be ready to know what processes we wanted to film. There was a $1,000 budget, so I used it for a voice over talent and music for the video spending only $315 of the budget. I presented this piece to executives, marketing department, and manufacturing team. Many people said it made them emotional, which was definitely the goal!

Project Created: July 2, 2018

Project Ended: July 24, 2018

2018 Internship Program 

I was given the responsibility to create individual short videos of each internship position they offer as to promote them in the future year. I scheduled times with the other interns to find when would be best to shoot video and photos of them. I got to come up with the whole idea and take care of almost all of the scheduling. I shot the videos, chose the music, and completed all of the editing for the videos. Here are a few of the videos from the interns this year. 

I also was in charge of taking photos during these times and have documentation that they can use for promotional use on their website and social media. HR and social media really enjoyed these videos and photos to have the chance to use for next year.

Project Created : June 4, 2018

Project Ended : July 20, 2018

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All Videos
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Topcon Internship Program | Walker Raikes

Topcon Internship Program | Walker Raikes

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Photos for Internship Program

President and Visitor Visit

        On July 24th, Steven Hirano, President of Topcon, came with some important friends from Tokyo to our Office in Livermore, CA. I was put in charge of photographing the event. The day was from 8:00am-1:00pm. They had meetings, demonstrations, presentations, and had the chance to ride on some equipment. The guests enjoyed looking at the photos from their visit.

Topcon Solution Store 

 Portland, OR

   My first week at Topcon was spent in Portland, OR doing a video shoot of the store. Having been my first week, I was given the camera to be in charge of photos for the week. Additionally, I was able to help with video, but between set ups, I ran around with the camera to capture what was happening in the store and repair shop. They enjoyed the photos so much, they would like to see if I can travel to other stores for photos as well.

Project Created : May 21, 2018

Project Ended : May 28, 2018

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