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Marketing Plan

            As I grow to learn more about my industry, I grow to want to explore so many parts of it. In a marketing route, some entry level jobs I will be seeking out would be jobs in a marketing department as a video editor, photography position, or a production organizer. Within this branch of videography and photography, I would like to work in a causal, friendly working environment within a company that feels like family. I felt this in my internship this summer. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. My manager gave me assignments and I would send them back to him to be checked before we sent them out. I enjoyed having criticism to challenge me to have higher expectations of my work. In this sector, I would try to work my way up for those entry level positions to become a senior manager over a department by being open to learn more and always challenging myself to be better than I was before.

              I have also been looking into the entertainment side of the business through freelancing in areas like Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. I was told by a friend that it would be smart for me to look into Assistant Production Coordinator (APOC) positions as they are entry level for Production Coordinators, which he suggested I would be good at. A fellow co-worker advised I look into Assistant Director positions and go through this training called the Assistant Director Program. As an APOC, I would be in charge of most organization of the production. I would love to work under a Production Coordinator with lots of experience so that I can learn from them.  After being in these roles for a while, I would be able to move up to those higher roles without Assistant in them.

               I had never looked into professional associations for my field, but after some research, it seems some good ones to look more into would be the American Communication Association, Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers, Women in Film, American Society of Media Professionals, and the American Society of Cinematographers. Depending on where I will find my career, I would like to get involved in some of these and build my network of people.

                I am not that into reading newspapers or magazines, but some of the sources I will look to for job searching will be websites, such as: Indeed, Staff Me Up, Aquent, LinkedIn, and Production Hub.

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