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Topcon Positioning Systems 

Livermore, California

May 21, 2018 - July 27, 2018

        Topcon is an international company specializing in equipment used in positioning systems and eye care. I worked with the marketing team, specifically the Brand Creative video marketing group, within the positioning systems side of the company. The main headquarters in located in Japan, but I worked out of the Livermore, CA site. 

        My mentor was Ralph Strabala, the Senior Manager of Brand Creative, but I also worked a lot with Elmer Valenca, the Manager of Multimedia and Motion Graphics and KC Smith,Corporate Video Specialist. 

        With this amazing team, I was able to challenge myself using different types of cameras, equipment, and software. Sitting in on meetings and being respected as a valuable part of the team gave me the ability to really grow in the position I was in. I worked on all sides of production from pre- to post-.  Working alongside the talent that I was with, I learned different types of organization skills, lighting tips, camera movements, photo and video editing abilities, and team strengths. 

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