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    Hi there, my name is Katie Jo. I am a communications media graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania now living in the Bay Area of California where I work with a talented group on Tesla’s content team in Fremont, CA.

    When it comes to media, I do not take the responsibility lightly. It is an honor to showcase a product or idea that in some cases a whole team has been working on for years. Not only is it an honor to visually display each project, it is also important to consider the effects that each viewer may feel. The content is able to shape and impact the world in sometimes unknown ways. Our life on earth is short, and the Lord gives us many choices while we are here. One decision I have made early is that I want to make a positive impact in this world. My goal is to work alongside sustainable, ethical leaders helping bridge the gap between science and the public through the use of media. I strive to glorify God and to bring an eye-opening perspective with every project I complete. I am thankful that I have this opportunity in my current job and look forward to future projects where these goals have the chance also to be fulfilled.


-Katie Jo

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