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The video above was a compilation of shots captured for Tesla's 2020 shareholders meeting focused on battery production. My role in this production involved prepping and scheduling each day, which involved working with the manufacturing leads around their production schedule, being onset during filming to ensure all requested shots were captured, and working under a tight time schedule. 

Tesla | Making Batteries

As a final project while at Topcon, they requested a video that highlighted the manufacturing done onsite in Livermore, CA. My role in this video included producer, cinematographer, and editor. 

Topcon Positioning Systems | Manufacturing Recruitment

Promotional video for STEMSEAS created as I was a participant in the program. For this project I was producer, cinematographer, and editor. As I have grown a lot since this project in my media skills, I fell in love with filming on the ocean and hope to have a chance to film on a ship again someday. 

STEMSEAS | A Journey That Could Change Your Life

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